Skin Based Hair Systems

System 1
The perfect skin graft, System 1’s skin base has a flexible second skin-like surface with natural hair growth patterns, and a base so thin and natural it adheres with no ridges or bumps.
It is literally undetectable to the touch. This unit is all thin skin with hair v looped in the base, throughout, giving it a beautiful and natural front hairline.
Revolutionary N/T molecular skin-like foundation Exclusive V-looped technique throughout High level gray blends with unique ability to replicate natural maturing gray Can create short, close-to-the-scalp hair styles No loose, sloppy, growing-out feeling Hair angulation and pattern stimulates natural growth.
System 2
System 2 is thin and flexible and provides great styling options. This thin skin is light weight and fuses to the head as if it was naturally growing from his scalp. This unit is all thin with hair v-looped in the base to give more durability. High Level Grey Blends give a natural feel to mature styles.
System 3
Super thinnest skin base for invisible and natural hairline with hair that has been split knot in the base to give it an even more realistic appearance.

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