Hair Replacement

Natural Looking, Skin-Based & Lace Hair Replacements

Revitalize your head with skin-based and lace hair replacements from our company in Charlotte, North Carolina. 101 Hair Replacement features two types of hair replacements: all-skin-based, and skin base with lace. We offer long-lasting micro-knots as well. Call us at (980) 201-0341 for details on each option.

All-Skin-Based Hair Replacement

This is a full-scalp bonding; the base is skin like, flexible, and transparent. With this look, you can style it any way you want and it appears normal. Best of all, with our exclusive virtual knotting technique throughout or v-looped, your system will have have greater durability and a longer life span.

Skin Base with Lace

This is for the customer that likes the feel of lace but also likes the security of a firm base and transparent skin. It’s durable and has a natural look as well. All that’s needed is a small trim to fit your head.

Color Samples

Matching your hair color to one of our select shades is simple. All of our hair systems are available in any of the colors listed and with shades of gray added to mimic your natural color.

Customize with no Wait

If you have a template, old hair system, or color sample, mail it to us, and we will customize it and send it to you within a week.